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Cablerie PLANCHER, previously known as Ateliers P. PLANCHER was founded in Paris in 1900.

The arrival of Mr LIMBOUR as manager in 1925 saw the company evolve from sole proprietorship to limited company (SARL). Since that time, the management of the company has remained in the hands of the family ; Mr Rossignol, the current President being Mr Limbour’s great-nephew.


Les Ateliers P. Plancher were one of the main players in the French marketplace for resistance wires up until 1978. Gradually, a high temperature cable production unit developed alongside the original business line. For lack of space, the cable unit was transfered to Beaugency (Loiret) in 1963.


In 1979, the company broke from the resistance wire business to devote itself soley to the manufacture of measurement and control cables.


The appearance of plastic materials (PVC and PE), followed by silicon rubber and fluoropolymers (FEP and PFA) and finally, most recently, the non-halogenated thermoplastic compounds, allowed Cablerie PLANCHER to gradually extend its offerings, and finally, to provide a complete range covering all of the conventional and less conventional needs in the fields of measurement, inspection and regulation.

2007 and 2011 were historic years, marked by the move of operations to Tavers and by the business figures, as the company posted twice over 2.5 M€, amounts never before achieved.


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Philippe Rossignol

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